Dame Bridget More


Bridget MoreOn 20th February 1652 the choir nuns elected Dame Bridget More as their Prioress. She was a direct descendant of the martyr, Saint Thomas More. She had known the pioneers of Cambrai and was taught by their spiritual guide, Father Augustine Baker. Her elder sister, Dame Gertrude, was known for her spiritual writings.
Mother Bridget hesitated at first about becoming Prioress, partly out of humility, but also because of the practical problems:

In regard of our extreme poverty and those hard and troublesome times, by reason of the civil wars when all was in a strange consternation, and Paris being chiefly engaged therein . . . Yet her firm confidence in God's infinite goodness and her zeal for the promoting of religion made her with a generous mind surmount the many difficulties that daily happened, encouraging others to do the same, and took such prudent measures as procured for us reasonable supplies of all our necessaries.


She was Prioress for the next thirteen years.