Abbess Davina Sharp


A Silver Jubilee


July 11th was not, unfortunately, blessed with the sun of Summer. Grey clouds and sporadic rain made it an indoor day.

It was the occasion of the Silver Jubilee of Clothing for Mother Davina Sharp, the Abbess of Colwich. Friends and relatives, both local and from further afield, gathered at the Abbey to celebrate the occasion with M Davina, elected Abbess by the community some seven years ago, in May 2010. For the youngest member of her community, it was a great responsibility that her sisters asked her to assume.

For the celebration of the Eucharist, the Community and their guests filled the Chapel. Though they are now small in number compared to earlier years, we were reminded of the privilege that is ours to have the Abbey in our village. Some are able to share the Eucharist with them during weekdays, as well as joining with the Sisters for Midday office or Compline. On that July day, there was a distinct sense of family that had brought us together, illustrated in no small measure by the presence of the previous Abbess, M Gertrude, in her wheel chair, cared for by the community that she led so joyfully for many years.

A celebration at Colwich would be incomplete with its associated feast of food. Once again a splendid spread was laid out in the refectory for all to share. The poor weather kept us indoors, but no matter, it was a great occasion. Even the dog enjoyed the company...

When all was over and we left for our various homes, the five nuns and their Abbess returned to their allotted tasks, of work and prayer that is their Benedictine calling. Those of us who benefit from their presence should remember them in our prayers as they do us in theirs.