London 1795


After a difficult journey by public coaches from Paris to Calais and sailing ship across the Channel, the community arrived on 3rd July 1795 at Dover.

Another coach journey took them to London, where friends had arranged temporary lodgings at 3 Orchard Street in the West End.



They borrowed what was necessary to set up a chapel in a room at their lodgings.

A French priest came to say Mass daily, and they were allowed to reserve the Blessed Sacrament. As Mother Teresa Joseph Johnson wrote:
“Oh what a happiness it was to us to have again the Blessed Sacrament.

We began immediately to keep choir and to rise to Matins at our usual hour at four in the morning, a happiness which we had been so long deprived of from 24th November 1793 till 9th or 10th July 1795”.