Cannington, Somerset 1807-1836


In 1807 the nuns moved to Court House at Cannington in Somerset, which had been a Benedictine house before the Reformation. There the community at first went through hard times due to poverty and illness. The community almost died out.


Then there was a wonderful revival due to a girl living in Cannington. Her father was in charge of the estates of Lord Clifford who had given the nuns the use of Court House.

She and three of her sisters joined the community, as did the daughter of Lord Clifford, and the daughters of the farmer who had lived in the house before the nuns came.


She became Mother Prioress Mary Clare Knight in1818.






In 1824 the nuns began Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. A new chapel was added to the existing buildings.

The growth of numbers in the community was a factor in moving to Colwich in 1836.







Cannington Court is now part of Bridgwater College. The Walled Gardens and Tea Room of Cannington are open to the public. This includes the “Bishop’s Garden”, where the nuns who died there are buried.