A house called The Mount was built in the 18th century at Colwich and enlarged in the early 19th century by two different owners. When the nuns bought it, with 50 acres of land, it had been standing empty for years. New building and adaptation turned it into St. Benedict's Priory.





St. Scholastica's Priory at Atherstone in Warwickshire was founded by St. Benedict's Priory in 1859.

The community amalgamated with the original mother house, now known as Saint Mary's Abbey, in 1967.




The Priory was raised to the rank of an Abbey. the house was re-named St. Mary's Abbey, and a new sanctuary was added to the church.



From 1970 most of the farm land was sold for house building, the 19th century monastic buildings, now too large, were demolished, and a modern block was added.

The community has now been at Colwich for over 170 years.