Dame Mildred Gorman



Teresa Gorman was born in Dundee on 17th May 1908. She was from a family of seven children, of whom three daughters joined the Benedictine Priory of St. Scholastica at Atherstone, Warwickshire. Sister Mildred was professed there on 8th December 1947.

Atherstone amalgamated with Colwich in 1967 and Sister Mildred then made Solemn Vows. She was the last of the Gorman sisters to die, and the last survivor of the lay sisters of Atherstone.

She worked in making altar breads and as refectorian. She made beautiful gifts in fine crochet and kept a flower garden into old age. She was always very compassionate with the sick and infirm. She was a great reader, and this nourished her spiritual life and also gave her a fund of stories for recreation. Her singing voice likewise was an asset to the choir and an entertainment at community feasts.
She was attracted to Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament at Atherstone, and she kept up her Eucharistic devotion all her life. Her prayers were a great support to her family, and a coach load of them came from Scotland for her Golden Jubilee in 1995, filling the Abbey with children.

She had a successful hip operation when over 90, which enabled her to return to all the choir offices and her work in the refectory. As disabilities gained on her and required visits to hospital, she supported all with her usual cheerfulness and fortitude. She was only ill for a few days before she died, and overcame herself in small acts of obedience to the infirmarian. She died on 15th November 1999.