Sr Gertrude Hodson


Some brief remarks of the religious Sister Gertrude Hodson, Lay Sister, departed this life 7th October 1652





Sister Gertrude Hodson of Saint Laurence was born in Lancashire in England, of vertuous Catholic and English parents. She went to the Monastery of the English Benedictine Nuns of Our Blessed Lady of Consolation in the town of Cambrai, where she embraced a religious life, and made her holy Profession for a Lay Sister, in the 20th year of her age, on 1st March 1650, the very Reverend Father Placidus Gascoigne being then President of the Benedictine Congregation, and Reverend Mother Catherine Gascoigne Abbess of the abovesaid Monastery.


This religious Sister was of a very tractable, sweet, peacable disposition, and never spared her pious pains and labours when occasions required it, and was also of a very devout spirit and gave herself as much to prayer as her obediences and employments would permit, keeping herself in her affairs and business much recollected. By this means she made so great progress in virtues that her Superiors, two years after her Profession, judged her fit to be sent with the Reverend Mothers Bridget More, Elizabeth Brent, Justina Gascoigne etc. who were all by holy obedience sent to Paris in the year 1652 to assist Reverend Mother Clementia Cary in the beginning of this our Monastery of Our Blessed Lady of Good Hope in Paris.

But she being of a tender constitution and consumptive, 6 months after her arrival here fell sick, which having suffered with much patience and resignation to the divine will, it pleased Almighty God to call her to himself, and being armed with all the Rites of our holy Mother the Church, she happily departed this life on 7th October 1652 at our first hired house, and we having no burying place, she lieth buried at Port Royal here in Paris. But to the end she may the sooner attain to the company of the blessed, let us offer up our prayers for her, reciting the De Profundis, this being her anniversary day. Requiescat in pace. Amen.



From: Some Particular Remarks of our Venerable Mother Beginners
(modernised spelling and punctuation)