The community settled at Nash House, Marnhull, Dorset in 1795.The house was rented for them from Mr. Hussey by Lady Arundel of Wardour, who escorted the first party of three nuns there on 1st September 1795. On 21st October the last party arrived from London. At this time there were 13 in the community.
On 21st November they put on their religious habits again and on 2nd December they re-elected the Prioress who had brought them through the French Revolution, Reverend Mother Teresa Joseph Johnson.
The community lived at Nash House until 1807. Four new members were professed and only one died in that time. When the Hussey family wanted to move back, the nuns moved to Cannington in Somerset.



The house today is a Grade II Listed Building,divided into three properties known as Nash Court, Manor House and Nash Lodge. It has been altered several times since the nuns were there. It originally belonged to the Benedictine Abbey of Glastonbury, but Henry VIII gave it to one of his wives, Catherine Parr.