You are living among the community as a guest so as to come and share our life and get a greater insight to see if God is calling you to this particular community - this can last between one and four weeks. Again, those travelling from further away may live-in for a longer period of time. Towards the end of your aspirancy, application may be made to enter the community. It is suggested to do a few live - in's to get to know the community and visa-versa.




This begins with a short, beautiful ceremony where you first knock on the enclosure door requesting entry, briefly visit Chapel and are welcomed by the community in the Chapter Room. This lasts for 6 months ( with possible extension to one year) and you will wear simple, neat secular clothes. You are living the Monastic life and learning about the Benedictine vocation.




This lasts for two years and begins with the Clothing ceremony where the Benedictine habit and white veil are recieved along with a new name ( this is optional). It is a time of growing deeper into the community life and closer to God. The first year we keep as our Canonical year and formation begins.



Simple Profession


Our Benedictine Vows are: Stability, Conversion of Life and Obedience, and vows are taken for three years. The white novice's veil is exchanged for the black veil of the professed, and will be known as a Junior.


Solemn Monastic Profession


The Benedictine Vows of Stability, Conversion of Life and Obedience are made for life. The Junior sister receives a wedding band worn on the right hand, a cowl – the main symbol of solemn profession.


Requirements for entry:


We accept – single Roman Catholic women or those with an annulment, age 21-58 at the maximum ( exceptions may be made after a longer period of discernment)


You must be free of debt and have no dependants.


You must be healthy in mind and body – our congregation will not allow us to accept those with severe mental illness or with debilitating physical problems.


A medical, references and baptism/confirmation or reception ( for converts) certificates or letters are required prior to entry.